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Xanther Photo

Xan'ther Ka EnRa El さん

​ザンサー (Xan'ther)は米国で活躍するエネルギー・プラクティショナーで、僕の師匠的存在であり、親友でもあります。クジラ座 (Cetus)のタウセティ (Tau Ceti)そしてシリウス (Sirius)から来たスターシードということで、今生を遥かに超えたとても深い縁を感じるソウルメイトです。


Ta'at has been a client and a student of mine for quite some time. He has been specifically trained by me in order to clear, remove, heal, activate and protect on many levels of awareness that most other healers are not able to attain. The energies that he is working with are very powerful and create amazing transformational next level experiences.


Ta'at continues to train whenever possible to advance his abilities and his services that he is offering. Especially when it comes to moving into higher dimensional frequencies that consist above and beyond the 25D level of awareness. These higher dimensional frequencies are not of this planet and are only offered by my students.


When choosing the right healer, you must be able to work with a person who has a strong level of integrity, honesty, care and understanding. He is all that and much more and you are most definitely in the right hands. Ta'at will guide you through your ascension process to ensure your ability to dramatically expand on all levels and in many other aspects of your life.

 タート (Ta’at)が、私のクライエントそして生徒になってからもうしばらく経ちます。タートには、他のヒーラーさんたちが達することができない高度な意識レベルにおいて浄化や除去、(エネルギー的な意味での)ヒーリング、アクティベーション、そしてプロテクションを行うことができるよう、特別なトレーニングをしてきました。彼がワークするエネルギーはとてもパワフルで、驚くほどの変容を引き起こすような高次の体験をもたらします。





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